Virtual Desktop - The Private Cloud for today's modern office

Access All Your Business Data, Systems, & Apps From Anywhere 24/7

Prices Start at $63/Month

End-to-end Management

Enhanced Mobility


Data Security


24/7 Call In Support

Daily Data Backup

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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure – Delivering technology for today’s office

Modern Workplace Solutions

We offer customized workplace solutions tailor-made to your business. You can choose these to work in tandem with your digital workspace to create a complete business platform to enhance the workflow and improve data security.

Optimize your business’ technical operations and utilize a managed IT service in Austin.


Always-on Support

Get all your issues resolved over call, chat, or email with our round-the-clock customer support.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Continue working uninterrupted on your apps during any disruptive event with our disaster recovery solutions.


Run multiple apps simultaneously with our High-Performance Computing (HPC) servers.

99.99% Uptime

We guarantee an uptime of 99.99% with our multi-redundant infrastructure and high-performance cloud environment.

Data Backup

Your data is backed up nightly to our redundant backup servers and sent to off-site cold storage every 30 days. 


Compliant Offering

Our data centers leverage SSAE 16 design as well as optimized, layered security measures and controls.
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Workplace Solutions: Get All Your Favorite Apps In One Place

Thin-nology, Remote Workspace Solution, has helped hundreds of clients with implementing virtual systems to unlock the power of their workforce. RWS, allows clients to streamline management and cost. With RWS, users gain access of desktop operating systems and application software through virtual desktops. RWS Cloud Services is a great solution for organizations looking to save time and money!

Benefits Of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

  • Fixed Cost Solutions
  • Volume and Long Term Contract Discounts
  • Low Overhead and Operations Costs

  • Phone, Email, Website
  • Customer Portal
  • Certified, Experienced Technicians

  • Minimal Interruption of Service
  • Resolve Existing Network Problems
  • Direct Customer Interaction to Ensure a Smooth Transition

  • Optimize performance
  • Security
  • Data storage and redundancy

  • SSAE16, Type II Certified
  • Tier III capable facility
  • Carrier neutral bandwidth for best connectivity

Virtual Desktop Workstation Plans

Features Basic Premier
 Unlimited Server Replacement X X
 Unlimited Microsoft Application Upgrade and Management (Office) X X
 Unlimited Remote Control Support X X
 Unlimited Phone Support (Help Desk) X X
 Unlimited Server Patch Management X X
 Drive Space Monitoring X X
 File Storage Services Management X X
 Third Party Software Updates X X
 User Access & Security Administration X X
 Email Management X X
 Antivirus and Spam Filtering X X
 Remote Site Access and Support X X
 Network Device Connectivity X X
 Router and Switch Connectivity X X
 Scanner/Biometric Dev Management X
 Third Party Software Upgrade X
 Third Party Software Install X
 Unlimited add/remove User Support X
 Printer Services Management X
 Proactive Network Monitoring X
 Router and Switch IOS Upgrades X
 ISP and 3rd Party Vendor Management X
 Firewall and VPN Management X

Starting At Only $53/Month

Benefits of Using Virtual Desktop Infrastructure 


Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is a critical piece of every modern company’s IT. Giving employees and executives safe and secure access to essential data from anywhere in the world allows a company to keep up with the current breakneck pace of doing business and accommodate workers’ needs and preferences. 


Maintain & Hybrid Remote Offices with Virtual Desktop Access


After the turbulent pandemic years, companies and workers everywhere are rethinking the commute and opting for remote or hybrid office solutions. If you’re supporting remote workers or a hybrid office structure, Virtual Desktop Access is a must-have. Employees in the office, at home, and on the other side of the planet must be able to access their work desktops without lag or interference. Thin-nology’s Virtual Desktop Infrastructure gives employees and executives the access they need from anywhere in the world. 


Improved Security 


Improve cybersecurity with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. If you’re depending solely on locally stored data, you’re at risk of a data breach. If an employee misses a device update, security loopholes pop up that hackers can exploit. This can ultimately lead to data loss, data theft, and even ransomware. Using Virtual Desktop Infrastructure allows employers to instantly update employee applications and software, closing any potential security loopholes. Virtual  Desktop Infrastructure users also enjoy the increased security that comes with housing data in a secure data center. anywhere


Save Money 


Paying for software can add up quickly, especially when business owners are forced to pay for licensing across multiple devices. If a business wants to upscale, they’re forced to spend even more. With a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure solution, employees who need to access licensed software can do so securely, and employees don’t have to pay for individual licenses.


Improved Disaster Recovery 


Natural Disasters can strike without warning and cause severe physical damage and data loss, but it doesn’t always take a natural disaster for servers to be harmed and data destroyed. By investing in Remote Desktop Infrastructure, companies can utilize cloud-based backups to quickly restore their data in the event of a server failure or natural disaster. If there’s a loss of power at the office, employees can use their own devices at home to access their workplace desktops, reducing downtime.


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