IT, Networking, Application, and Virtual Access Solutions


Stable, secure, and efficient IT systems are critical to the success of your organization and protecting the assets of your customers.  At Thin-nology, your systems will be supported by the same degreed engineers that monitor our Data Center, Server Farm (with literally hundreds of servers) and a multitude of Software Applications. Let us provide you the support needed to keep those all important revenue production tools, producing.

While you relax in the evening our engineers will run those all important updates on not only the operating systems but all the applications (software programs) needed to keep you producing during the work hours.

Are you failing the PCI compliance tests? Are you sure you are HIPAA compliant?

With our around the clock engineers supporting your infrastructure, those will no longer be questions but known facts.

Are you sure of what your IT, Networking, Application, or Virtual Access needs will be this year, the next, or the next? Put our Virtual CTO program to work for you. We know and understand where technology is going. What works, what works well, and what doesn’t. Large corporations bring in large consulting firms to help plan their roadmap to the future. Your road map is just as important. Use us to help layout a safe and profitable passage to the future.


Managed Services: Features 

  • We Monitor the Dark Web for all your employees and provide real time alerts when suspicious activity is detected
  • We Make recommendations on how to improve your security
  • We setup and manage your systems to allow your users to work remotely
  • We provide multi-site site backup solutions to ensure your data is never has a single point of failure

Managed Services – We help with Security – Safety and Uptime

  • We Monitor all your devices 24/7/365
  • We take proactive action to resolve issues
  • We automate the update process for Operating Systems and AntiVirus
  • We make recommendations based on live data