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Why can’t I open QuickBooks?

While trying to open the QuickBooks database, the H505 error appears.



Open both the QuickBooks Database ServerManager and Computer Services.

Verify that the QuickBooks QBCF Monitor service is running.

If not running. Start the QBCF Monitoring Service by clicking the Start icon in the left pane.




Why can’t I print Invoices?

QB will not print the Invoices properly.



Change the settings to the XPS writer on the server.

Go to Printer properties of the Microsoft XPS Writer.

Change the settings to the XPS writer on the server

Go to Printer properties of the Microsoft XPS Writer.

On the Security Tab, give “Everyone” full control to the printer (check boxes for Print, Manage this Printer, and Manage Documents\).

On the Advanced tab, uncheck “Enable advanced printing features.”

Select “Print directly to printer.”

On the Ports tab, make sure it is the XPS Local Port that is selected.




Why does QuickBooks error out while Updating?

QuickBooks Update error -181 * QuickBooks errors out when 99% complete.



Open QuickBooks in the earlier version.

Go to File Sync.

Make sure all Syncing is removed. Not disabled.

When this has been completed. Close QuickBooks and open in the newer version.




Why do my payroll updates error out?

Payroll updates error out. They download but do not install.



Go the C: Drive/Program Files/Intuit and search for file called paysub.ini.

Mark all as old.

This will resolve the issue.




Why can’t I download my bank files to QuickBooks?

When trying to import the bank account download into QuickBooks it pops up a fatal error.




Go to C:\ProgramData\Intuit\quickbooks2020\components\olb\branding\filist\ Take possession of all the files in this directory, one at a time and then give access to everyone.

Download QuickBooks ToolHub from our support page or the QuickBooks site and run.

Click on Program Issues and then run the QuickBooks Program Diagnostic tool.

Make sure it runs a .Net reinstall.

If it does not run a .net repair go to the control panel find Programs and Features update from the control panel.




Why can I not print out of QuickBooks?

My printer is working just fine but I can’t print anything from QuickBooks.



Close out of QuickBooks. If this is a networked version have all other users close out of QuickBooks

Go to  C\:ProgramData.

Search for *.qbp

and rename the file *.qdp to old.

Do this for all years/versions of QuickBooks that are not printing.

Open QuickBooks and it will print.